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An old fisherman in his final breaths calls in his family to apologize ...

A Fly Fisherman's Last Words

An old fisherman in his final breaths called in his family and said, "I must apologize to you all. I suppose I haven't been the perfect father or husband."

"I shamefully admit that I spent as much of my life as I could in the woods and on the streams. I was rarely at home during the fishing seasons and I'll admit that I spent too much time at the fly shop, and too much money on rods and lines and reels."

He paused here to rest for a minute, then continued. "I've been a terrible father and I hope you all forgive me." He paused again and looked around.

Then he closed his eyes and smiled and said in a half whisper to himself, "on the other hand ... I have caught a helluva lot of trout."

-- Remembering Kevin Carpenter, who caught a helluva lot of trout.

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