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Our web log of recent fishing trips and associated photo
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A Trout Birthday - Green River A Section

"A" Section float to celebrate Dave's milestone birthday.

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Adventure with the Dogs - Green River C Section

Dave, Scott, & Steven's "C" Section adventure with the dogs...

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The Annual Trip - Green River A Section

Craig & Denny got their boys together at the Green River for our annual fishing trip (with Dave, Ryan, Scott, & Steven). Craig & Steven boated some beautiful browns!

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Braving the Rain on Green River's A Section

It rained and we were soaked to the bone, but we kept fishing. Cousins Dave, Ryan, & Scott braved the elements and the brutally slow fishing on the A Section of Utah's Green River, maxing out at no more than one fish each.

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HQ'd in Dutch John, the boys hit the A & B Sections

Six men with hall passes resulted in a riverhaus full of bourbon - and boats full of trout action! Jerry, Lee, Mike, Scott, Steve, & Troy spent 3 days in 3 boats on the A & B Sections of Utah's Green River, beating the wind and catching big fish.

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Just your average run to chase some trouts - Southfork of Snake

Jerry & Lee's run to the South Fork to chase some trouts ...

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4 Guys, 2 Per Boat, Sunny November "A Section" Float

With brother Ryan, cousin Dave, and friend Darren, we initiated the new Dutch John house, struggled to find the right flies, reached the ramp waaay after dark, and caught some sweet trout! And the weather was awesome!!!

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Scott & Lee's Tuesday "A Section" Float

Scott & Lee spent a weekday floating the A Section of the Green River. The fish were few, but they were healthy and big!

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Whittekiends on the Henry's Fork

Denny, Dave, Scott & Steven spent a weekend floating the Warm River-to-Ashton section of the Henry's Fork (with a stop beforehand to warm up on Yellowstone Park's Firehole River).

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Scott & Steve's Pre-Independence Day Float

Scott & Steve's impromptu pre-Independence Day float on the Green River. We caught fish, but didn't get many pics to prove it.

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Bloodknots Fly Fishing - "Our Two Hands" Project

Our Two Hands
by Bloodknots Fly Fishing

An examination of fisher-people in pursuit of Salmonids with a swung fly and their collective desire to ensure the species survival.

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Support HB37 | Protecting Our Public Water & Our Property Rights

In the state of Utah, it is against the law for the public to recreate (fish, wade, etc.) in public waters that are adjacent to private property. This law severely limits the freedom for not only the residents of Utah, but also to any persons who come to Utah to enjoy our precious streams and waterbeds.

It's the public's right to lawfully access and use its public waters in place for any lawful activity, including recreation, allowing the public to reasonably touch privately owned beds of public waters in ways incident and necessary to such use. This right is defined in Utah's constitution, and has been upheld by the Utah Supreme Court several times.

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Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Cousins - Reuniting on the Henry's Fork

Now that David has moved back to Utah, we took the opportunity to get our dads together for a float trip on the Henry's Fork. Two drift boats full of Whittekiends - you'd think the fish wouldn't stand a chance.

It turns out those fish stood a very good chance. But we caught enough to make it a great trip, and willl hopefully be doing this trip again soon.

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Beaverhead Fishing on the Way Home from a Fishing Trip

Jerry and Lee decided to fish the Beaverhead River on the way home from a Missouri River fishing trip. As it turns out, that detour may have been the best fishing of all ...

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The Boys Visit Montana's Missouri River

Jerry, Justin, and Lee headed to the Missouri River for some August fishing and were rewarded with some pretty sweet trout ...

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3rd Annual "Fish with a Canadian" Trip

The 3rd Annual "Fish with a Canadian" trip has sadly concluded. Justin, our favorite Canadian, made the trip once again to fish with Jerry, Lee, Pete, Scott, & Troy.

Poker, drinking, and watching Masters Golf came in to play when the weather turned too harsh to fish (and it takes very harsh weather to keep us off the river).

All proceeds went to the Jack Daniels scholarship for 40-something, grey haired, pot-bellied, injury plagued, married (sorry Pizza) men who like to drag boats through the snow to try and catch fish!

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Big Southfork Trout and a Frozen Boat Ramp

Jerry, Lee, and Pete got in to some BIG trout on the Southfork of the Snake River, ID.

The ramp at the takeout was packed with snow, and the boat had to be pulled/pushed quite a distance to get to the truck. But the flyfishing community rose to the occasion as fellow fishermen helped each other exit the river. Stay classy, Swan Valley ...

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Winter Fishing on the Salt River

It was cold, and it was snowing. Despite numb feet and stinging cheeks, we launched on the Salt River. And we are glad.

We had to keep our beer in a cooler to keep it from freezing. But nothing could keep wet boots from freezing to metal braces in the boat.

On day one, Jerry guided and Troy caught one of the most beautiful, big browns we've ever seen from the Salt. Justin & Lee braved the icy roads and joined us on day two, rounding out the crew for a great weekend of fishing ...

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Continuing the Fishing Week, but Moving to the Southfork

On Monday, the boys sent Scott & Troy back to work. Then Mike drove up, and the fishing was moved to the South Fork of the Snake River. And all were glad.

Fat football-shaped fish were common, and some BIG browns were boated. It wasn't as cold over on the Idaho side, but the fishing was still great. Why do we ever come home ... ?

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Family Fishing on the Green River

We decided to end the summer with a family float on the Green River. Rachel and Gates quickly discovered the thrill of drifting the "A" Section and catching big trout!  Way to go girls!

I'm highlighting this album as it was my wife and 12-year old daughter's first time drifting and fishing the Green River, and they caught trout like pros! There were also some "spirit guides" (moths & butterflies) and Fishing Gnomes, which made this a unique, lucky adventure ...

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