Henry's Fork of the Snake, Idaho

September 12-14, 2014
Whittekiends' Warm River-to-Ashton Weekend ...


David warming up on the Firehole River - Yellowstone National Park


Dave walks the Firehole banks at sunset


Elk peeks out to see what's happening


This elk wants us to fish somewhere else - so be it!


Warm River to Ashton, Day 1 - Dave re-ties, Scott releases a little rainbow


Scott gets a very golden rainbow trout to the boat


The dark colors & golden belly on this trout were absolutely stunning!


Steven gets his entry to the "little trout" contest


Dave helps Scott net another rainbow trout


Dave catches a fish of the "whitey-kind"


Dave & Steve fishing one of our favorite runs


Steve lands a nice little bow


Dave pulls a sweet rainbow out of the run


Steve netting a trout


Not quite small enough for the "little fish" contest


Steve can't keep these little bows off his fly!


Scott nets another fish


Another nice fish in the boat!


Dave nets a nice, beautiful rainbow trout


Fish on! Nymphing off the sheer rock cliffs


Trout in the boat - this guy was an angry fighter!


Nearing Ashton reservoir at sunset


Warm River to Ashton, Day 2 - Denny, Dave & Scott ready to launch


Scott starts the day with another colorful rainbow trout


Scott catches another bow - just as beautiful as the last


Denny caught trout all day from the back seat of the Hyde


Scott nets another rainbow


Denny & Dave fishing a sweet run


Dave nets a huge white fish