Henry's Fork of the Snake, Idaho

October 18-19, 2013
Craig & Denny floating with David, Sam, Scott & Steven ...


Ora to Vernon float - fishing selfie!


David helps Craig net his fish


Nice trout to break the ice


Releasing ...


Ora to Vernon, Day 1 - Craig catches the biggest trout of the trip


Steven with a fish on (then off - doh!)


Warm River to Ashton, Day 2 - David fishing at the ramp


Scott gets a fish in


Scott releasing ...


Fish on!


Fighting a fish


"Willard White speaking"


Unhooking Mr. White


Netting a trout


Nice brown trout in the net


Dad with the assist!


Strong, healthy brown trout


Getting the brown back to the river


The Hyde waits patiently for the fishermen


Craig with the biggest fish of the trip, and it's a sucker


David is getting some good trout action in this run


Steven boats a rainbow, caught on a dry fly


Nice looking rainbow trout


Approaching the take-out as the sun sets


Relaxing back at the cabin


Busted hooks - trout were so fierce that these old flies couldn't hold up