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A motley crew of gentleman sons-a-bitches caught fish for this site ...
Tight lines, fellas!

About Our Crew

Our flyfishing crew has been together for almost two decades, with some of the gang hanging together for over four decades. Others come and go, but this core group stays tight.

Denim Shorts

It's that strong familiarity that empowers many of these guys to drink your last beer, treat your pack like their trash can, pee in your tent, immediately push you out of the way to gear-up only to then complain that you are taking too long, and throw away your denim shorts.

On the flip side, these guys will host you at their cabin, row you down a river, cure your hypothermia, supply the cigars, cook you dinner, stand up at your wedding, take care of your family when work keeps you out-of-town, and throw away your denim shorts.

Antics aside, these fishermen care about each other, flyfishing, and the sport's future. We are lucky to fish with this endearing, motley crew of gentlemen sons-a-bitches ... Tight lines, fellas!

There are some people I don't make any effort to fish with, although I like them well enough. They won't laugh when a fish strikes; they don't see that fish have very funny faces.
-- M. R. Montgomery

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