Salt River, Wyoming

November 2012
Jerry, Justin, Lee, Scott, & Troy's frozen fishing trip ...


Woke up to a cold Wyoming winter Saturday


I think this means it is 4 degrees outside


Troy boats the first fish of the day ...


... and it's a HUGE brown trout


We guestimated over 22 inches long


Troy is very happy (and affectionate) about this fish


For his encore, Troy boats a whitefish ...


But then gets his trout mojo back with a nice little cutty


Scott boats a nice cutthroat trout


Scott's nice cutthroat


Stopped under the bridge to get out of the snow, re-tie, and gesture "Hello"


Snow just kept falling and freezing ...


Everything ended up frozen, and we kept catching fish!


Bring it on!


Checking out the run


Troy walks the boat to the ramp through the shallow water


Launching on day 2 - an extra foot of snow fell the night before


Are we wearing enough layers for this?


Jerry, Justin, & Lee push off to start the fishing


Gonna strip some streamers ...


Troy in the front of the boat to start the float


Fishing the bank, snow covered trees as a backdrop


Lee boats a really big whitefish


Justin getting the ice out of his eyelets (frequent problem on this day)


Troy hunting a trout


Frozen snow-covered gear


Out of the boat, getting circulation going again


Bundled up, ready to push off


Smiling? Or teeth chattering?


Troy still in the action with another whitefish


Boots froze to the foot brace!


Had to keep the beer in a cooler so it wouldn't freeze


Troy gets a little cutty in the net


Cutthroat boated on a small nymph


Troy ends day two with a nice little trout