Green River, Utah

April 11-13, 2015
HQ'd in Dutch John, the boys hit the A & B Sections


Troy releases a rainbow right after launching - too fast for the camera.


Rainbow for Lee, across the river from the launch ramp.


Another rainbow for Lee is a great start to this day...


Moving on to the browns - this guy charged the boat after getting hooked!


And now we see why - this brown trout is a scrapper!


Scott gets a sweet, fat rainbow to the net and works fast to get him released.


Nice rainbow for Scott!


Nice rainbow for Scott!


The bugs were THICK on the water - Blue Winged Olives everywhere!


Troy gets into some brown trout after starting the day on rainbows.


Sliding in for a photo opportunity with this sweet brown...


BOOM! That's the happy fisherman one would expect after boating a big brown like that.


Troy catching his breath and toasting some hot whiskey to thank the river.


Lee gets into more brown trout action - BWO emerger produces!


Switching to a streamer just keeps the brown trout action coming for Lee.


Lee's angry fish attacked and rolled on this streamer!


A big brown for Scott on the last stretches of the A Section.


Beautiful brown trout, caught on top!


Day 2 on the B Section was so windy, only Jerry could land a big trout like this.


But Day 3 returns to the A Section and gets Troy right back into brown trout action!


Scott's brown trout caught from the front of the boat.


This nice brown is almost good enough to get a smile!


Troy keeps the action going with another beautiful brown in the boat.


Scott boats an angry, slappy, energetic brown trout.


Right back in the water after he made it known he would slap the shit out of me otherwise!


"Oh Shit!" was how I announced the hooking of this brown beast!


Lee finishes the day with a respectable trout from the still water.


Caught this one in the still, deep water right before Little Hole. Nice finish!


The boys brought housewarming presents for our new riverhaus - brown liquor!