Green River, Utah

November 8-9, 2014
Scott, Ryan, Dave & Darren floating the A Section of the Green River


It is a charmed group of fishermen that have a river of this caliber all to themselves.


Ryan shakes off 6 years of rust with a nice big rainbow.


This rainbow makes Ryan wonder why he hasn't fished in so long.


It's funny, 'cause this fish is so little yet so aggressive!


Now these little trout are getting silly, and just harassing Ryan's fly.


Darren boats a sweet looking rainbow.


Another beautifully-colored rainbow in the boat for Darren.


Finally - Darren breaks our rainbow streak by boating this nice brown trout!


Dave nets a rainbow, and we all want to see how big it is.


Now this is a trout to be happy about - Dave boats a large, healthy rainbow!


Picture of Scott on the oars, getting close to Little Hole (took out in the dark).


Day 2 - Scott gets a rainbow right after launching.


Another rainbow for Scott, with Flaming Gorge Dam and the boat ramp still in sight.


One more trout from this hot little spot before deciding to head down river.


Scott boats a nice rainbow from a big eddy, and gently removes the fly.


Scott's nice bow - this beauty took the dropper!


Fishing a royal wulff right off the rock cliffs and BANG - a sweet rainbow!


After 2 sunny weekend days, woke up to snow on the ground in Dutch John on Monday.