Green River, Utah

January 6-9, 2011
Scott, Jerry, Pete, & Lee on the sub 20° "A" Section ...


We had to make fresh tracks to get to the cabin.


Pete's excited, and his nipple-hat shows it!


The ice by the launch ramp tells the story of how COLD it is.


Right after launching, Scott catches TWO trout, one per fly.


Scott's double-rainbow catch.


Pete gets into the game with a (not) HUGE rainbow.


So cold that breath turns to ice crystals instead of steam.


Scott's nice fatty rainbow.


Day 2, Lee boats a nice brown trout.


A closer look at Lee's GREAT fish!


Jerry's 2nd rainbow of the day.


This PIG had Jerry smiling all day - nice fish!


Lee boats another HUGE brown trout - sweet!


Scott catches one last rainbow to end day 2.


It snowed a foot on us the night before we left.


3 degrees, snow and ice on road, and headed back home.


Bad roads, but it sure is beautiful where we fish!