Green River, Utah

August 8-9, 2009
Three boats, seven guys, and a lot of fish on the "A" Section ...


Day 1 - Ready to leave the cabin and CATCH some FISH!


Monte's first fish says hello


Nice big brown for Monte


Dan on the oars, ready to go


Scott boats a nice rainbow


Our convoy of drift boats, all catching fish!


Monte's biggest brown of the day - sweet!


Pete on the sticks of the Lavro


Another brown trout for Monte


Lee gets into some brown trout action


Lee's nice brown trout


Scott's big brown turns to look at the camera as the pic is snapped


Meeting on the bank to share success stories


Scott's brown with a royal wulff still in its lip


Boats back at the cabin after the first day of fishing


Jerry, Troy, and Monte - happy after a great day of catching trout


Horse shoes at the cabin before dark...


... and poker in the cabin after dark (look at Jerry's pile of chips!!)


Dan rigging up on day two


Day two and Troy gets some brown trout action


This brown was a fighter - but finally boated


The attitude of the weekend - it's all good!


Scott rowing the green-and-gray Hyde, Monte and Troy catching more trout...


Monte's first rainbow of the trip - caught before a live, rubber-rafting audience


Dan seeing some rainbow action - feisty!


Dan's nice rainbow trout


Pete and Jerry at the lunch stop on day 2 - still fishing...


Another brown trout for Dan - nice!


Awesome - look who came to watch us catch fish!


Lee's sweet brown trout


Nice fish Lee!


Troy gets a great brown right off the rock wall


Troy's love is very fishy!


Lee gets a great brown trout in the boat


Pete models his favorite sunglasses at the cabin after day two


Relaxing and recapping the great day of fishing