Green River, Utah

April 30 - May 1, 2005
Some nice trout pics from floating the "A" Section ...


Steve C. and Jen hunting Trout


Bill, right before his first catch


Jen's fish jumping for a kiss


Taste the Rainbow


Steve C. with fish on!


Steve C. brings the fish to the boat...


It's a catch!


Day 2, and Scott lands a Rainbow


Bill is starting to get his fishy love on


Steve's new fishing handle: DFA (Don't Fish Angry)


Another trout for Bill


A Brown Trout on this Rainbow day...


I'm changing the name of this site to alaBILL if this keeps up!


Bill keeps catching with Steve DFA (don't fish angry) rowing


Bill + Trout in hand = Love


Finally, BIFF gets back into action (buzz and all)


Deer on the bank, rain drops on the water...


Fish in the net


Steve C. with a nice brown


Looking down river for the next catch


Steve C. with his next catch


Jen with a great trout